The Brotherhood
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The Brotherhood is a Paintball team, and growing movement in the paintball world.
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 What is The Brotherhood?

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The Brotherhood started out in the autumn of 2009, just a fantasy in the head of its creator. It is currently a paintball group in South Wales, I say group because there are many of us, all at various levels of play. This also encompasses the two styles of paintball played by The Brotherhood, woods ball and ‘Sup’air’ or speedball. The aim of the Brotherhood is to push as far as it can within the paintball world, searching for victories and glory. Although we have had our fair share of defeats to match, we aren’t the top team in the UK, far from it, but we are a team with a lot of heart.

However: The Brotherhood is becoming far more than a paintball team, the idea of Brotherhood itself is expanding, it concept is simple yet powerful, watch out for your Brothers. Stand by them through thick and thin, and always be there for them, and in return they will be there for you. The Brotherhood is becoming a movement, and a way of life...
The Brotherhood both in and out of the paintball world, stand by this motto:
"Fortius quam fraternitas nullum est vinculum"
(There is no stronger bond than brotherhood)

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What is The Brotherhood?
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