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 Our New World Order

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Uncle Joe
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PostSubject: Our New World Order   Fri May 13, 2011 2:22 pm

We need to reorganise ourselves to make sure our Brotherhood is the most effective.
Saying that, I am now taking a purely managerial role in our Brotherhood, I will play if needed, but currently im not.
The new way we will be working id through the team captains. These captains in return will report to me. Although captains can have more options for their teams, any decision that alters Brotherhoods image, or any controversy needs to be relayed to myself before hand.

The captains are as follows:

Liam Broad, Captain Division One
Mark Fowler, Captain Division Two
Rhys Norris, Captain Division Three
These Brothers will organise the teams and current players on the roster. I am aware that 1 or 2 players wish to only play super5ives so we will accommodate this.
So The team lists are:

Division One/Brotherhood

Liam Broad
Tom Broad
Luke Petchey
Tom Lea
Martin Ferris
Huw Page
Rhys Barfoot (although he is currently MIA)

Division Two/Brotherhood Audacia/Kinghts

Mark Fowler
Luke Williams
Matt Dunk
Tom Hazell
Dan Taylor
Chris Vaughan
Edd Turnock

Division Three/Brotherhood New Bloods

Rhys Norris
Scotty Scott
Gareth Thomas

Floating players:

Steve Gething
Josh O’challagan
Of course in CPPS we only have 3 teams in, the total fuck up of no team in for the last round wasn’t good, but we live and learn. We will look at entering 3 teams into CPPS, using 5-6 players per squad the spill over of players from Division 2 down can make up the 5 in Division 3 as and when needed, but we are currently looking for more New Blood.
I know some Brothers wish to try and jump up a division and what to progress, but currently we need players to stay were they are and concentrate on honing your skills and team work. We had a problem of too many players in Division One which was creating inconsistency and not the results we wanted. Now we have fixed that issue and Division One came 4th last event and are 5th in the current series standings. The chance to move up comes at the end of the season, when we assess our rankings, player numbers etc and make choices based on this. The we will have trails accordingly.
Captains will be organising the gathering of their players and coming to me with any issues from that. We are considering this process of paying for events before hand, to save time and the hassle of collecting money off everyone at events.
We will forming Brotherhood into a Club/fraternity in time, so we need to organise as such, such as trying to get all Brothers together for one big training sessions etc, were our Coach’s Mr C and Nicky honing will teach the squads accordingly

Mr C, Division Two and Division Three Coach
Nicky Honing Division One Coach

We need to get things are more well oiled and organised in order to become the best paintball fraternity that exists. I hope your with me and the rest of your brothers on this.
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Our New World Order
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