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 How are forum works!

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PostSubject: How are forum works!   Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:46 am

The idea is simple enough; once you have registered you can comment and read through the forums.
You along with every new member have been put into groups, the auto-assigned group is known as “True Ballers” which is in light blue.
Different groups may allow different access to parts of the forum, but mostly it is open to everyone.
The groups are as follows:

The Brotherhood: In Purple
Brotherhood BlackOps: In Grey
True Ballers: In Blue
B.F.K: in Green

Any other groups created will be updated here.

The important think about groups are that they able you to locate the people within that group in one area. This is at THE BOTTOM of the forum known as “Legends” click the appropriate group for a list of those members and a short Bio of the group. That way you can contact them with ease, or just post in the threads.
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How are forum works!
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